28th August 2005:
- Updated various broken links for gwlan and vpn applets
- Added sourceforge mirroring of every applet, so it won't get lost.
- Fabrice Colin has released version 1.3.3 of his Usermon applet.
- A number of applets are more or less orphan. So if you have some time, feel free to take an applet or several under your protecting wings ;-)
- Orphan applets: gwlan, vpn, Mihai's BlueCPU, Mihai's MemFree, Mihai's BlueClock, GAI Terrain, GAI Sun, GAI Othello, GAI Nebulus and GAI Blobs
18th July 2005:
- New Applet: Logicharge - Adrien Bustany has written this applet. It shows the battery status of Logitech mices.
7th July 2005:
- gi8k v1.4 released.
26th June 2005:
- GAI v0.5.10 released. Now the preference dialog now works on the Gnome panel.
6th June 2005:
- GAI v0.5.9 released! Major bugfixes and some new features. Among them NLS added. See ChangeLog for a complete list of the changes.
20th February 2005:
- TV in a Box v0.9 released. Minor features added and bugfixes.
- Sherman's aquarium v3.0.1 released. This is a bugfix release.
19th December 2004:
- New applet: Fishtime v0.1 released. This is a GAI port of WMFishTime 1.24 since the original implementation does not work with newer versions of WindowMaker. Porting done by Thomas Mathys.
1st October 2004:
- New applet: GAI-Temp v0.1.0 released. This nice applet displays the harddrive and CPU temperature.
- Usermon v1.3.2 released.
- Did some corrections regarding download links of GAI Mailcounter.
25th September 2004:
- GAI v0.5.8 released! Fixes two memory leaks.
12th September 2004:
- Bluecombo v0.3 released. Now you can dispaly the CPU frequency and the network load now.
5th September 2004:
- GAI for Pascal v0.1.2 released. It includes some minor updates.
- Sherman's aquarium v3.0.0 is finally released!! Go and grab it at
25th August 2004:
- GAI v0.5.7 released!
- Added bindings for Pascal and Perl! See the Bindings menu
- Bluecombo v0.2 released. Contains minor bugfixes.
9th August 2004:
- Eric has released gi8k version 1.3. New GUI for people using the Dock.
5th July 2004:
- Thomas has released GAI Album 0.7. New is support for CDDB(via xmms) and bug fixes.
29th June 2004:
- Two new applets and an update!
- GAI Othello - Play Othello/reversi against your computer on the panel/dock.
- BlueCombo - Yet another program that displays cpu usage, memory usage, temperatures, time,date..
- GAI Pal v0.7 - Now can display fortune cookies right on the screen, no window.
3rd June 2004:
- GAI v0.5.6 released!
25th April 2004:
- Thomas Zajic now maintains GAI Album.
- Added link for Mandrake rpms and Debian packages.
19th April 2004:
- GAI v0.5.5 released. Fixes bugs in the dockapp code.
- GAI Album v0.6 "Thomas' version" released. Includes suport for AlbumArt and missing id3 tags. All code by Thomas Zajic. Thanks alot!
- TV in a Box v0.8 released. Some minor bugs fixed and some new small features added.
11th April 2004:
- GAI v0.5.4 released. This release contains bugfixes.
- GAI Album v0.5 released.
- GAI bgswitcher v0.3.0 released.
3rd April 2004:
- GAI v0.5.3 released. This release contains many improvments and fixes. See ChangeLog for a detailed description.
- TV in a Box v0.7 released. This is a major update.
- GAI album v0.4 released.
- GAI Leds v0.6 released.
- GAI Pal v0.6 released.
3rd March 2004:
- GAI album v0.3 released.
1st March 2004:
- GAI album v0.2 released.
14th February 2004:
- GAI-bgswitcher 0.2.3
- Usermon 1.1
28th January 2004:
- GAI MailCounter v0.4 is released, based on v0.5.2 gai library. This release add font colour selector and fix some bugs.
25th January 2004:
- GAI v0.5.2 is released. This release fixes a vital bug when it comes to backgrounds and transparency.
18th January 2004:
- GAI v0.5.1 is released. This release fixes many visual bugs when it comes to the Gnome panel. Also added example on how to dock GAI applets into any program. Wrote a very basic panel to demostrate.
13th January 2003:
- GAI Bgswitcher v0.2.2
11th January 2004:
- GAI v0.5.0 is finally released!
- Sherman's aquarium v3.0.0pre2 is released!
9th December 2003:
I removed all email addresses since I'm starting to get spam that origins for the gai page. I'm sorry about that.
François Bochatay has set up a Debian repository at for GAI applets. Thanks alot!
18th November 2003:
- GAI v0.5.0pre6 is released. Minor bug fixes and features addition.
- TV in a Box v0.6 released. Minor bug fixes.
- Sherman's aquarium v3.0.0pre1 is released.
10th November 2003:
- gi8k v1.2 released. New are among other things manual adjustment of fan speed.
- New applet: GAI Terrain v0.1 - Generates a OpenGL landscape depending on the music played by XMMS.
If someone feels for doing some html/php/whatever for the GAI project's home page, it would be very welcome!
When I'm already into making wishes, I wish that someone would offer me a job that contains doing Linux software or hardware construction in Northern Europe. I'll get my Master of Science in Electrical engineering in January.
4th November 2003:
- TV in a Box v0.5 released. It can be controlled via a pipe and from the right button menu.
31st October 2003:
- GAI v0.5.0pre5 is released. Mainly focused on adding more library functions.
9th October 2003:
- New applet: Usermon. It monitors the number of users logged on.
6th October 2003:
- GAI Visual Audio v0.3 released. New XMMS plugin and more features for the blur scope.
- gi8k v1.1 released.
3rd October 2003:
- GAI v0.5.0pre4 release. Fixed some more or less vital bugs.
1st October 2003:
- GAI v0.5.0pre3 released. Bugfixes + OpenGL support for dockapps.
- New applet: GAI Nebulus v0.1 - OpenGL effects that depends on XMMS.
- GAI Blobs v0.2b released. Fixed minor bug.
- TV in a Box v0.4 released.
3rd September 2003:
- GAI v0.5.0pre2 released. Contains many bugfixes.
- New applet: GAI Album v0.1 - Shows and image of the current album played by XMMS.
- GAI Pal v0.4 released.
- TV in a Box v0.3 released
- GAI Leds v0.4 released
- GAI Mailcounter v0.3 released
2nd September 2003:
- GAI bgswitcher v0.1.2 released
29th August 2003:
- New applet: GAI bgswitcher v0.1.1 is released.
17th August 2003:
- GAI v0.5.0pre1 is released. This version is quite stable, and will become v0.5.0 when the new configure/makefile scripts are complete, documentions updated and a few small bugs fixed.
The API in GAI 0.5.0 differs alot from the earlier versions, so you can't mix old and new applets.

- GAI Blobs v0.2 is released (For GAI v0.5.0 and later)
- GAI Pager v0.2 is released (For GAI v0.5.0 and later) This version is much more stable than v0.1
- GAI Pal v0.3 (For GAI v0.5.0 and later)
- GAI Visual Audio v0.2 (For GAI v0.5.0 and later) This version handles stereo correctly and has some new features
- New applet: GAI Sun v0.1 (For GAI v0.5.0 and later) Tells you when the sun sets and rises.
- New applet: Mihai's BlueClock v0.1 (For GAI v0.5.0 and later) A nice digital clock.
- Mihai's BlueCPU v0.2 (For GAI v0.5.0 and later)
- Mihai's MemFree v0.2 (For GAI v0.5.0 and later)
- Three examples applet are included in GAI v0.5.0pre1 and later
I will be away from tomorrow until wednesday 27th August and during that time I won't be able to answer any mails.
Other applets will soon be ported to GAI v0.5.0
8th May 2003:
- gi8k is released. Monitors the fan speed and CPU temperature on Dell laptops.
- Mandrake 9.1 rpm of gai-0.4.1 added. (Thanks Eric!)
7th May 2003:
- GAI Library version 0.4.1a. Fixes some compile errors when you don't have or want gai to compile with Gnome.
6th May 2003 (Afternoon):
- gWlan v2.2 released.
6th May 2003:
- Redhat 9 src and i386 rpms of GAI-0.4.1 can now be downloaded. (Thanks Francois!)
- New releases of gWlan and VPN!
4th May 2003:
- GAI library version 0.4.1 is released! Mostly bug fixes and a few new library functions. See CHANGES for a complete list.
- Applet TV in a Box v0.2 is released! This is an applet that adds a TV to your dock/panel. Uses latest V4l2 version.
- Applet MailCounter v0.2 is released! This applet checks your mail server at regular intervals.
21st April 2003:
- First public release of GAI and applets!

The Gnome Panel running some GAI applets